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Today the market outside your four walls is huge and
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Everyone seems to know someone who could build you a website for the price of a pint of beer and a packet of nuts.!

It’s quite baffling then when you see website‘prices’ ranging from a few hundred to several thousand pounds.

But, it’s all abit confusing to know who to turn to for good, solid advice.

Hello I’m Shay, and with my colleagues at Key Growth Consultants we help businesses succeed online.

Being in business virtually dictates you have a website. But, for too many, the internet represents a high cost for poor or nil return.

So, how much does it really cost to get online and what do you actually need?

  • Some hosting
  • A domain name
  • A website

£50 might buy a) and b) but add in c) and you can spend anything from nil to … many thousands of pounds.But, if the formula for success online were just having a and b and c, you’d already be retired!!

You’ve probably come to this page today as a referral because you’re researching what to do next. Well I really hope we can give you some assistance and not only answer some of your questions but also give you some FREE tools and guidance to help you on your journey.

I want you to think of YOUR website like a whole new department in your business

To develop a new department in your business you’ll invest time, money and other resources to make it ready to generate sales and profits. But when that spend involves apparent expertise and know-how- How do you know if you’re getting the right things?.

You’ve finally realised that while some people paint this internet stuff as simple, it’s certainly not easy, and even if you’ve mastered it – finding the time in your already busy schedule is another thing entirely.

Successful websites aren’t a static, build it once and forget it project. Successful websites,are those that are found easily, are simple to navigate and achieve your pre-determined outcomes, while also solving the visitor’s problem in some way or other. That’s the primary goal of every websites- to be the first stepping stone in building a relationship with potential clients.

“Let me tell you what I mean”

You may offer the best product, you may offer the best price but if not enough people findyou on a regular basis its clear you don’t have a strategy for traffic and you’re leaving this to chance or luck. Getting enough of the right people, in your market, ready to buy, to your front page is your primary online problem.

But, how many people are not even getting past your Front Page? How many of you have pretty front pages that are bustling with bells and whistles, and yet no-one is taking action to get in touch or to buy? That’s another online problem.

These two things i) qualified traffic and ii) a website that engages potential buyers together with ongoing relevant communication with potential buyers are the three cornerstones of online success.

Expecting your web site to generate sales without a web strategy is a bit like expecting your business telephone to generate sales without telling anyone the  phone number

So today, we’d like to give you some pointers to help you improve your returns immediately.You need to start with an internet sales & lead generation strategy… and

  • Yes it will probably start with a website that works, but it will also involve
  • A strategy for getting people to your website ( a Lead generation strategy)
  • A reason why visitors should do business with you ( your USP) and a clear path for them to take once they get to your page (A call to action- a website plan)
  • A mechanism for capturing your visitors’ names ( a database of people who have indicated they are at least interested in your offering)
  • A mechanism for communicating with your market ( building a relationship with your contacts)
  • A mechanism to measure your Traffic, Keywords& Conversion rates
  • A strategy for keeping Your Clients coming back long term&getting them to tell others ( Client retention & Referral strategy)

When you approach marketing your business on the internet the right way you’re guaranteed better results than starting simply with a one dimensional web site designer.

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If you want we can do this for you and be your on-demand internet marketing team, ensuring you get a return on your investment, by ongoing regular and strategic effort.

But now it’s over to you and what YOU will do next.

You will do one of two things.

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You’ve nothing to lose, and a whole load of knowledge to gain.

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